Production History

Square One Theatre Company co-founded by Barbara Cairney and Tom Holehan in June 1990, incorporated August 1990

All productions directed by Tom Holehan, Artistic Director, 1990-Present

1990-1991 Premiere Season: A Walk in the Woods by Lee Blessing with William Barry, Pat Leo Changing Lives by Anthony DiLietto with Diane Smith, Peggy Nelson, Greg Ellis, Frank Smith, Frank Ellison, Rick Aiello, Sheila Hageman, Gregoire Mouning, Nancy Becker, Luke Farrell, Lisa Petrillo, Marcia Burel, Georgette Eckert, Frank Recupido, Ray Benack and I’m Herbert by Robert Anderson with John Vichiola, Marjorie Vichiola The Cocktail Hour by A.R. Gurney with Matt Conley, Judith Keeley, Rick Tamlyn, Davina Porter

1991-1992 Season: Mastergate by Larry Gelbart with William Barry, Pat Leo, Rick Tamlyn, Peter N. Vouras, Michael Joseph, Richard Bush, Gregoire Mouning, Steve Kallaugher, Henry Litt, Nancy Becker, Frank Smith, Dave Wight, William F. Verrilli, Frank Ellison, Diane Smith, Peter Swan, Steve Wall, Jason DaPonte, Georgette Eckert, Kate Faggella, Aaron Leo, Amanda Leo, Dawn Denvir, John Moran Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis with William Barry, Rick Tamlyn The Trip to Bountiful by Horton Foote with Peg Daloia, Eric Duffy, Steve Davies, Peggy Nelson, Pamela J. Qaddourah, Frank Recupido, Patrick Spaulding, Steven Wall, Carlene Licinski

1992-1993 Season: My Three Angels by Sam and Bella Spewack with Kevin Fitzpatrick, Michael Joseph, Gary Nastu, Chris Valenti, Steve Davies, Janice Ruddy, Pamela J. Qaddourah, Larry Kadish, Barbara Pratt The Dining Room by A. R. Gurney with Mary Barnett, William Barry, Dean Kyburz, Peggy Nelson, Rick Tamlyn, Dorothy Maynard Tides by Michael R. Malkin with Matt Conley, Barbara Corbett, Peg Daloia, Pat Leo

1993-1994 Season: Painting Churches by Tina Howe with William Barry, Peg Daloia, Mary Barnett Two Rooms by Lee Blessing with Dawn Denvir, Lucy Babbitt, Mark Frattaroli, Alexander Kulcsar Hay Fever by Noel Coward with Davina Porter, Steven Davies, Maddie Riselle, David Wilson, Tim Gannon, Alice McMahon, Bill Kirkby, Pamme Waniewski, Kathleen Keeton Leisure

1994-1995 Season: Cahoots by Rick Johnston with Lucy Babbitt, Leigh V. Griswold, Larry Kadish, Daniel J. Mulvihill, Jr., John Maggi, Frank Recupido The Old Boy by A.R. Gurney with Mary Barnett, William Barry, Dean Kyburz, Matt Perillie, Daniel Ward, Dorothy Maynard Jake’s Women by Neil Simon with Frank Smith, Glory Gallo, Leigh V. Griswold, Jamie Rose, Mary Ellen Maloney, Rosanne Nelson, Peggy Nelson, Cynthia Winkler, Esther Lapin

1995-1996 Season: The Business of Murder by Richard Harris with Alexander Kulcsar, John Scerrato, Anne Young Time of My Life by Alan Ayckbourn with Michelle Courvais, Michelle Duncan, Larry Kadish, Dean Kyburz, Davina Porter, Frank Smith, Peter Wood The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde with Davina Porter, Nan Buckley, Leigh V. Griswold, Barry Hatrick, Dave Kernis, Don Kerr, Mary Ellen Maloney, Daniel Ward

1996-1997 Season: Camping With Henry & Tom by Mark St. Germain with William Barry, Alexander Kulcsar, Pat Leo, John Scerrato Love & Pain & the Whole Damn Thing by various authors with Leigh V. Griswold, Jack Terceno, Pat Leo, Peggy Nelson, Julia Flint, Frank Mastrone, John Scerrato, Destiny Tanner, Frank Mastrone, James Parent Sylvia by A.R. Gurney with Michelle Duncan, Robert Fallon, Larry Kadish, Adrienne McNeely

1997-1998 Season: The Heiress by Ruth & Augustus Goetz with Ann Kinner, James Bozzi, Alexander Kulcsar, Dorothy Maynard, Jennifer M. Rios, Maddie Riselle, Diane Smith, Jack Terceno, Jessica Duly Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher with Alexander Kulcsar, Alice McMahon, Peggy Nelson Play It Again, Sam by Woody Allen with Scott R. Brill, Leigh V. Griswold, Kelly Hadous-Ferry, Pat Leo, Mary Ellen Maloney, Marc Moritz

1998-1999 Season: Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose with Daniel John Kelly, Alexander Kulcsar, William Barry, J. Eric Bell, Mark S. Hamilton, Jim Memmott, Jim Mone, Gregoire Mouning, John Scerrato, David Warren Marchbank, John Archibald, Bob Werner, Ray Weiderhold, Debbie Rose Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn with Michelle Courvais, Mark Frattaroli, Leigh V. Griswold, Pat Leo, Daniel John Kelly, Wendy Long To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday by Michael Brady with James Bozzi, Tori Cohen, Mary Payne, Priscilla Squiers, Ray Wiederhold, Glory Gallo

1999-2000 Season: The Odd Couple by Neil Simon with Daniel John Kelly, Bob Werner, Tom Costaggini, John Scerrato, Ann Hutchinson, Glory Gallo, Ray Wiederhold Not Waving by Gen LeRoy with Marlene Tuohy, Alice McMahon, J.H. Torrance Downes, Lucy Babbitt The Shop at Sly Corner by Edward Percy with Alexander Kulcsar, Jason Daniel, Mark Frattaroli, Ray Wiederhold, Danielle Sultini, Leigh V. Griswold, Kevin Moore, Davina Porter, Frank Smith, Maddie Riselle

2000-2001 Season: The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash with James Bozzi, John Cassidy, Dean Kyburz, Lillian Garcia, Kevin Moore, Frank Smith, Peter Wood Earth and Sky by Douglas Post with Bob Fallon, Jim Gordon, Dwayne Gurley, Leigh V. Griswold, Daryl Guberman, Steve Kallaugher, John Scerrato, Danielle Sultini, Marlene Tuohy Later Life by A.R. Gurney with Pat Leo, Peggy Nelson, Alexander Kulcsar, Alice McMahon

2001-2002 Season: The Countess by Gregory Murphy with Philip M. Cook, Ellie Finkelstein, Barry Hatrick, Andre Keuck, Lillian Garcia, Peggy Nelson, Robert Watts Educating Rita by Wily Russel with Vanessa David, Frank Smith The Grass Harp by Truman Capote with Scott R. Brill, Regina T. Edwards, Kristin Graham, Rick McKinnon, Kevin Moore, Rosanne Nelson, Kylen O’Sullivan, Al Recchia, Priscilla Squiers and Michael Brelsford, Ann Collier Kaiser, Claire Collier Kaiser, James Tourigny, Mary Kathryn Tourigny

2002-2003 Season: Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee with William Barry, Eugene Gallagher, Ed Kaine, Steve Kallaugher, Ann Kinner, Alexander Kulcsar, Richard Mancini, John Moran, Ashley Nichols, James Parent, Tom Petrone, Robert Roche, J.Kevin Smith, Michael Stanley, James Tourigny Last Train to Nibroc by Arlene Hutton with Danielle Sultini, John Cassidy Wonderful World by Richard Dresser with Dan Arenovski, Michelle Duncan, Leigh V. Griswold, Alice McMahon

2003-2004 Season: The Best Man by Gore Vidal with Frank Smith, J. Kevin Smith, Peggy Nelson, Rosanne Nelson, Rich Mancini, Gregoire Mouning, Mike Gallo, Mikey Gallo, Diane Smith, John Moran, Teresa Kona-Leone, Peter Wood, John Cassidy, Steve Scarpa QED by Peter Parnel with Pat Leo, Danielle Sultini As It Is in Heaven by Arlene Hutton with Danielle Sultini, Lillian Garcia, Leigh V. Griswold, Maddie Riselle, Alice McMahon, Dorothy Maynard, Claire Kaiser, Susan DeVaney

2004-2005 Season: The Price of Murder by Jim Gordon with Glory Gallo, Danielle Sultini, J. Kevin Smith Talking Heads by Alan Bennett with Davina Porter, Alexander Kulcsar, Alice McMahon Rumors by Neil Simon with Lillian Garcia, Dan Arenovski, Danielle Sultini, Peggy Nelson, Pat Leo, J. Kevin Smith, Bill Farrell, Leigh V. Griswold, Greg Ellis, Diane Grace

2005-2006 Season: Rutherford & Son by Gita Sowerby with Frank Smith, Travis Finlayson, Barry Hatrick, Collin Michael Kiernan, Dawn Michelle Mancarella, Davina Porter, Ann Kinner, Diane Smith The Value of Names by Jeffrey Sweet with Pat Leo, Joseph Mallon, Danielle Sultini Buffalo Gal by A. R. Gurney with Peggy Nelson, J.H. Torrance Downes, Gregoire Mouning, Susan DeVaney, John Moore, Jessica Almeida

2006-2007 Season: Match by Stephen Belber with Alexander Kulcsar, Mary Ellen Maloney, Jeremy Funke Rounding Third by Richard Dresser with Dan Arenovski, Daniel John Kelly The Constant Wife by Somerset Maugham with J.H. Torrance Downes, Lillian Garcia, Leigh V. Griswold, Steve Kallaugher, Peggy Nelson, Davina Porter, J. Kevin Smith, Danielle Sultini

2007-2008 Season: Doubt by John Patrick Shanley with Peggy Nelson, Daniel John Kelly, Claire Kaiser Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire with Lillian Garcia, J. Kevin Smith, Alice McMahon, Candice Sisbarro, Cal Robertson Last of the Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon with Dan Arenovski, Michelle Duncan, Joan Meehan, Danielle Sultini

2008-2009 Season: Secrets of a Soccer Mom by Kathleen Clark with Lillian Garcia, Danielle Sultini, Michael Anne Pentz Indian Blood by A.R. Gurney with Ryan Marcone, Davina Porter, John Pyron, Frank Smith, Peggy Nelson, J. Kevin Smith, Betty McCready Moonlight & Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson with Alexander Kulcsar, Pat Leo, Tom Petrone, Ann Kinner

2009-2010 Season: The Right Kind of People by Charles Grodin with John Cassidy, Alexander Kulcsar, Joseph Mallon, Davina Porter, John Pyron, Frank Panzer, Frank Smith Love Letters by A.R. Gurney with Pat Leo, Peggy Nelson The Clearing by Helen Edmundson with Lucy Babbitt, Tess Brown, Mark Frattaroli, Barry Hatrick, Ann Kinner, Kevin McNair, Tom Petrone

2010-2011 Season: The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie with Jeremy Funke, Matthew K. Gutierrez, Barry Hatrick, Aubrey Kyburz, Joseph Mallon, Davina Porter, Janet Rathert, Samantha Zayas Irena’s Vow by Dan Gordon with Peggy Nelson, Lucy Babbitt, Gary Blomberg, Mark Frattaroli, Matthew K. Gutierrez, Brian Michael Riley, Danielle Sultini Art by Yasmina Reza with Dan Arenovski, Pat Leo, Alexander Kulcsar

2011-2012 Season: Ancestral Voices by A.R. Gurney with Pat Leo, Janet Rathert, David Victor, Davina Porter Southern Comforts by Kathleen Clark with Alexander Kulcsar, Alice McMahon The Good Doctor by Neil Simon with J. Kevin Smith, Alex Carrasco, Michelle Duncan, Lillian Garcia, Joseph Mallon, Frank Smith

2012-2013 Season: Deadly Murder by David Foley with Alexander Kulcsar, Peggy Nelson, Josh Wills Distracted by Lisa Loomer with Lillian Garcia, Lucy Babbitt, Michelle Duncan, Alanna Delgado, Ann Kinner, James Leaf, Pat Leo Black Tie by A.R. Gurney with John Bachelder, Jim Buffone, Janet Rathert, David Victor, Alisson Wood

2013-2014 Season: Freud’s Last Session by Mark St. Germain with Alexander Kulcsar, Gabriel Morrow Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies with Pat Leo, Janet Rathert, David Victor, Alisson Wood Olive and the Bitter Herbs by Charles Busch with Alice McMahon, Jim Buffone, Michelle Duncan, Barry Hatrick, Al Kulcsar

2014-2015 Season/25th Anniversary Season: A Walk in the Woods by Lee Blessing with Pat Leo, Damian Long Stratford Characters by Steve Otfinoski with Sally Arlette Garcia, Barry Hatrick, Will Jeffries, Gregoire Mouning, Frank Smith, David Victor, Peter Wood Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire with Darius James Copland, Alice McMahon, Janet Rathert, Brian Riley, Danielle Sultini The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan with Lucy Babbitt, Tess Brown, Jim Buffone, Ryan Hendrickson, Ann Kinner, Joseph Maker, Sam Noccioili, David Victor

2015-2016 Season now at Stratford Academy: Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis with Darius James Copland, Frank Smith The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham with Al Kulcsar, Damian Long, Peggy Nelson Motherhood Out Loud by various authors with Lucy Babbitt, Lillian Garcia, Leigh Katz, Kiel Stango

2016-2017 Season: Now or Later by Christopher Shinn with Christopher Finch, Jennifer Ju, Patrick Kelly, Pat Leo, Joseph Maker, Peggy Nelson Chapatti by Christian O’Reilly with Lucy Babbitt, Al Kulcsar Becoming Dr. Ruth by Mark St. Germain with Alice McMahon

2017-2018 Season: Core Values by Steven Levenson with Jim Buffone, Danielle Sultini, David Victor, Lynnette Victoria White Guy on the Bus by Bruce Graham with Emily Diedrich, Ian Diedrich, Erma Elliott, Bruce Murray, Janet Rathert The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey by James Lecesne with Alexander Kulcsar

2018-2019 Season: The God Game by Suzanne Bradbeer with Kiel Stango, Danielle Sultini, David Victor Clever Little Lies by Joe DiPietro with Paulo Araujo, Josie Kulp, Peggy Nelson, Peter Wood Trying by Joanne Glass with Alexander Kulcsar, Céline Montaudy

2019-2020 Season: Admissions by Joshua Harmon with Lucy Babbitt, Ruth Anne Baumgartner, Robert Thomas Halliwell, Pat Leo, Janet Rathert The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney with Ryan Hendrickson, Josie Kulp, Bruce Murray, Priscilla Squiers, Danielle Sultini, David Victor

Season cut short due to COVID19 pandemic then resumed….

2022-2023 Season: The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney with Ryan Hendrickson, Lillian Garcia, Josie Kulp, Bruce Murray, Danielle Sultini, David Victor Agnes of God by John Pielmeier with Lucy Babbitt, Céline Montaudy, Priscilla Squiers

2023-2024 Season: The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse with Lillian Garcia, J. Kevin Smith, David Victor, Lynnette Victoria Chester Bailey by Joseph Dougherty with Alexander Kulcsar, Kiel Stango